Clarity in Jira Comments

Discussing more than one thing at a time is confusing in Jira, as it is difficult to map which reply comments link to which parent comment.


Reply Confusions

Jira replies are not linked to parent and often leads to confusion among peers.

Solve it with our App

\"Nested Comments for Jira\" Takes less than 2 mins to install and read to use immediately.


Improved productivity

Reply to parent and be productive on what you do best.


Nested (or Threaded) comments helps in avoiding reply confusion.

  • Discuss Multiple topics in one Jira Task
  • No need to move the conversations to Slack
  • Reduces confusion among everyone
  • Clearly view context in one glance
  • Affordable for everyone

Nested Comments for Jira

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Stop loosing track of replies. Make your team productive in Jira comments.