How to embed Excalidraw in

This blog explains you how you can embed Excalidraw within, enabling seamless collaboration for your team without having to leave

Step 0: pre-req

If you have not already installed Embed Pro for, please do so by using the below link.

Add to

Embed Pro helps you to embed trello board in item view, dashboard view and board view. Checkout this link for more details of how to configure it.

Step 1:

By default Excalidraw are private, which means even if we share the url, the other party is not going to be able to view the link.

we have to do some extra steps to enable this configuration.

  1. Click on “Share” button in top right corner.
  2. Click “Share publicly”,
  3. if not already done, enbale “Enable shared base link (read-only)” toggle.
  4. Click on the <> ion in the link, which pops a new page.
  5. Copy the elements in src attribute of iframe tag.

Use this copied url in URL field in Embed pro setting as shown in Step 0.

That is it.


Shoot us an email if you are still having trouble embedding canva links. Thanks.